Let the Experts Handle Your Tree Problems

Schedule tree removal services with us in Charlotte, Vermontville & Olivet, MI

If your property is surrounded by hazardous or fallen trees, contact Stony Tree Service, LLC ASAP for professional tree removal services in Charlotte, Vermontville & Olivet, MI. We'll carefully remove your trees and haul them away with ease. We have all the heavy-duty machinery and equipment needed to remove your trees in no time.

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When should you call us for hazardous tree removal services?

While a yard full of lush trees can be a beautiful addition to your property, but when they start to rot, they're a disaster waiting to happen. You never know when a tree could suddenly fall near or on your property.

Reach out to Stony Tree Service, LLC for hazardous tree removal services if your trees are:

  • Leaning towards your property
  • Impeding construction
  • Showing signs of rot or infection

Don't put off hazardous tree removal services. Reach out to us today.